Friday, February 01, 2008

Two Tag

This tag was on Georgiana's blog back in November. You can see how behind I am on these things. Still, I kept it because it seemed like a fun thing to do. And since today is a snow day and I'm feeling lazy--okay, procrastinating getting any actual work done--I thought I'd post this meme.

Two names you go by: Jennifer and Jen (or Mom in my house)
Two things you are wearing right now: pajamas and socks. Hey it's a snow day and I slept in and made pancakes.

Two of your favorite things to do: read and sing

Two things you want very badly at the moment: To find more time to write, and I wouldn't object to a little more money or some better design software.

Two favorite pets you have/had: I've had a ton of cats and two dogs and I've loved them all. Doesn't seem fair to pick a favorite. They all had their unique qualities. Right now I'm going my longest period in my life without a cat. Charlie, aka Dog Vader, is more than enough animal for our little house.

Two people who will fill this out: Mich and Diana.

Two people you last talked to: Calvin and Sissy, who are here at the dining room table with me. Calvin is using his inhaler/spacer as a weapon to shoot bad guys while watching Justice League. And Sissy is popping in and out of here while doing a Jane Fonda step aerobics tape of mine from the 80s. I tell you, the workout clothes and hair are enough to make you bust a gut laughing. Sissy doesn't seem to appreciate that though. She takes her work outs very seriously.

Two longest trips you've been on: Now, is this time wise or distance wise? Road trip with Mich from Arizona to Indiana. It was only three days but almost 2000 miles. And a two-week trip to London. That was fun.

Two favorite holidays: Christmas and Fourth of July.

Two favorite beverages: A really good Merlot and Earl Grey tea. Alas, my poor Diet Coke doesn't make the cut anymore.

I think we got about 6 inches of snow last night and they're calling for about 5 more inches today. It's 26 degrees right now and not snowing at the moment. The snow plow already sent my trash can flying. Luckily the trash guys got here at 4 AM, only a day late. Charlie kindly informed that they were stealing my trash at that early hour.

So, if we get all our chores done around here while it's still halfway decent, we'll probably head over to Mich's where she's got a wood stove and more room for rowdy kids.


elexisb said...

A 2 week trip to London! I'm jealous. Can't wait for some Friday night Merlot tonight :)
Have a fun snow day!

Georgiana said...

LOL, a meme from waaay back! I want a 2 week trip to London too =)