Friday, February 29, 2008

Reading for Comfort

Happy Leap Day!

I'm not having a lot of time to read lately (see that Midwesternese slipping in there?). Pretty much just before bed. And then I listen to books on CD while I'm driving to and from work and various other places in the Heartland.

I've got a lot of design projects going on right now. I've not had to be so creative on a deadline so consistently for such a long period of time before. And by the time evening comes, I don't have much attention span left. There's probably more to it than that but I'm too creatively depleted to think of what it could be.

So I find myself turning to my literary equivalent of comfort food: suspense novels. Now this ca be a bit tricky because I get nightmares easily so I have to have more suspense than horror since I'm reading right before bed. Maybe letting my mind turn over a different kind of problem--a who dun it, one I'm not likely to face in life--gives my brain a break from the problems it does have to solve. I don't know.

And it's not to say I don't still have a taste for my more literary favorites. But after a long day, I'd rather have a good pizza than a gourmet meal.

Though I'm thinking by next week, a steak is going to sound really good.

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heather said...

Good news about having more design projects! That's exciting.
I have to be careful about what I read--when Scrabble (yes, the game) gives me nightmares, how much more so a book of murder?