Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Un-Labor Day Part 2

Jumping ahead a bit I just had to say, I had sushi today from Martin's, prepared freshly by a sushi chef. I was in a bit of OC heaven :). And, I didn't even mention they had a olive bar, which Sissy and I also partook from.

Okay, so back to Saturday. It started with breakfast at Krispy Kreme (yes, I raised my children to be addicts too). Then, coming home I saw a (one of many) garage sale that had two couches that looked like they might be halfway decent. When our house flooded we lost pretty much all our furniture. Since I moved to Indiana not too long after, I didn't bother to replace much of anything. I did replace my bookcases. I do have priorities! But I didn't have a couch. So I'd been looking.

After thinking about it, I went back to the garage sale and checked out the couches. They were in good shape, didn't smell, and had decent fabric. I wouldn't even need to recover them. I figured I could afford $100. So I went up to the owners and asked what they were looking for on the couches (there was a couch and a love seat, and while I really only needed the couch I figured they wanted to get rid of both). The gal said, "How about $80 for both and the couch covers?" Sold! Guess it pays to wait until about 3 PM and wait for them to get desperate.

While getting the big couch into the house was a bit of a pain (literally--I messed up my knee), they looked even better inside my house than on the lawn at the garage sale. The colors matched other items and they fit nicely in the living room (that pillow in the picture above was one I already had). And you can't be that price at all!


Jeanne Damoff said...

Congratulations on the new furnishings (and the sushi)! :)

From looking at your photo, I'm pretty sure your pillow fabric is exactly the same as the fabric I used to reupholster our rocking chair. I also have four pillows made of it--two on the couch and one each in two Queen Anne chairs. Crazy, eh?

Jennifer Tiszai said...

See, Jeanne, that just proves that we have awesome taste! :)