Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Good Un-Labor Day Part 1

Did you all (being very generous in the use of the word all, referring to the few hardy souls who still read my sorely neglected blog) have a great Labor Day weekend? I actually did and had a restful time.

One thing I've learned in the Midwest is to appreciate summer. Labor Day is the last hurrah for the season. Even the sun has just about given up, shining warmly during the day but tucking itself quietly in bed by 8:00, which seems early after 10:00 dusks.

So we did Labor Day with a blast. Of course anything would have been better than last year when I was getting my gallbladder removed. So this year we went big. Friday night we grilled steaks. Not a super huge deal in itself but it was what I found at the store when I got the steaks that thrilled me to my toes. The Martins in Granger has sushi and a sushi chef! I know I made little moaning sounds when I saw it. I think it even brought tears to my eyes. Real sushi in Indiana? I couldn't believe it. I thought I had died and gone back to the OC.

But let me just say, that was just the beginning of a very auspicious weekend. Stay tuned for more (yes, now that I actually have something to blog about, I'm going to drag it out as long as possible!)

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