Monday, June 08, 2009


We've added a couple of members to our family lately.

The first is Silvie. She's our foster puppy, staying with us until her family can take her back. She's part Shih-Tzu/part Dachshund. I think. Either way she's cute and is full of energy.

And this is Cam our 8-week-old puppy.

Look at that adorable face! He's part Yorkie/part something else. Dachshund we think. He's adorable. And has puppy teeth and claws! He keeps the other dogs entertained and they let him chew on them. Which is a good trade off I think.

Of course we can't forget Charlie, who looks huge and mellow compared to the other two. He's loving having other puppies to play with. They have a lot more energy than we do. Also, they don't mind rolling in the grass and getting chewed on. Something the rest of us haven't developed a taste for.

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