Friday, June 26, 2009

A Few Changes

If you notice my right sidebar you'll see some changes. Or maybe not. :)

I've added a couple things. One is a sidebar that shows free samples you can get. I get a ton of free samples and I know in this economy everyone is stretching dollars as much as they can. So if you see anything over there that interests you, click on it. I've discovered some granola bars and beauty products that I probably never would have bought if I hadn't had free samples first.

My favorite site for finding good deals is Money Saving Mom. She has the latest coupons, store specials, and online deals on her site. It's my starting place.

If you scroll down below the free samples section, you'll see an ad for E-mealz. I've been using this for sometime now and have been recommending it to everyone I know. They create weekly menus for you based on what's on sale. It saves so much time and money. The meals are kid friendly and there is a variety to choose from. So if you dread hearing "what's for dinner?" check out E-Mealz.

I need to get back into money saving mode again, so I hope by sharing things with you, it'll keep me motivated. Share your best money saving stories!

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