Friday, October 31, 2008

My Artist

Ever wonder about the power of genetics in your family? Nurture versus nature? I do often because my son is so much like my youngest brother. And they haven't spent an overly lot amount of time together.

But this picture above drawn by my 7-year-old Calvin (not his real name) reminds me eerily of the drawing of my youngest brother when we were in church (back in the dark ages before there was children's church and we had to sit in big church).

My brother, Jason, used to draw "Jack Youngblud" and the Rams (back when they were in LA) complete with spikes on the cleats. What amazed me back then (and even now with Calvin) are the details, like spikes or yard lines numbers on the field that they chose to include.

Just as I posted this, Calvin handed me another drawing, this one of "baskitboll." The guy is flying through the air (complete with sound waves)as he dunks into the net with a big smile on his face.

We saw High School Musical 3 this weekend (practically de rigure viewing for the tween set). My daughter is involved in two drama productions and choir. Calvin is also in drama. I think about the options for kids now to express their creativity, much more than was available when I was a kid. I often feel like I'm having to reach back and relearn creativity. I hope my kids never lose it.

Youngest bro is now a cop in LA and doesn't do too much drawing any more (that I'm aware of). However, I'm enrolling Josh in a kids' art class on Saturdays to encourage his creativity. It's just as important to nurture the arts as it is book learning. Maybe even more so.

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