Monday, December 31, 2007

Peace on Earth?

What happened to my Christmas village?

I'm not up on all the warring toys, but I think these are either Bionicles or Transformers or maybe both, either fighting in, or attacking, or defending my Christmas village. Ah the joys of having a boy.

Reminds me of Christmas two years ago when Calvin was using the PlayMobile Nativity set as weapons and the Christmas tree as the basis of covert ops.



Georgiana said...

Christmas villages are so cool! I wish we had the space for one, but alas, we'd only be able to have a house, or maybe a store. Sounds like it's a hoot having a boy!

:-)Ronie said...

Oh, my! This looks just like my house, except it's Star Wars figures scaling the manger and running ops around the tree. :-D

Heather said...

That's hilarious! I love it!
I only have 2 houses for my Christmas village. I keep asking for more at Christmases, but alas...

Jenny said...

I should send you some of mine, Heather. I got more this Christmas--Walgreen's was having a sale and of course with a daughter working for them, it only made sense.:-)
Oh yeah, Jen, I think boys are a totally different species--that's the only explanation.