Saturday, December 01, 2007

On the First Day of December I Decorated My Tree

Okay, so that doesn't really work with the meter of the song. Nevertheless, it's true. The kids and I had fun putting the tree up and recalling memories associated with the ornaments.

While we decorated we listened to Nat King Cole, Mannheim Steamroller, Lyndsey Lloyd Wallace, and Take 6. Interesting story behind the Lyndsey Lloyd Wallace CD. She was on the worship team at Saddleback Church and recorded her Christmas album while I was there. I got to sing back up on one of the songs. I was in the local Christian bookstore when I heard the song playing over the speaker system. I kind of stopped in awe for a moment. I always thought that kind of "Hey, that's me" moment in a bookstore would be because of a book, not a CD.

To top it all off, it snowed today. The kids went out and played in the snow then came in and had hot chocolate and watched a movie.

We also began Advent tonight. I know it doesn't really begin until tomorrow but we got this adorable Advent tree made of boxes of chocolate at Starbucks and it starts on the first. Our church tradition doesn't have a lot of rituals, and most of the time I appreciate that. However, we've been in the habit of celebrating Advent with candles, carols, and Scripture readings. I think some rituals can be meaningful and build memories. So tonight we said an Advent prayer for children, discussed John the Baptist's call to repentance and fruit (and what that means), and sang "Come O Come Emmanuel."

Hopefully the traditions and rituals will help us all to remember the real reason for Christmas.


Jeanne Damoff said...

How fun to hear yourself singing in the store! Which reminds me of Will Ferrell in Elf: "I'm singing! I'm in a store, and I'm singing!" I don't suppose your performance was anything like his, though.

Your tree is lovely. And so is the snow.

Love, Jeanne

Michelle Pendergrass said...

The tree is gorgeous!! Hope the dog can keep his big butt away from it. Hopefully it doesn't smell like food to him. LOL

And the snow!!! Wasn't that just the most perfect way to decorate and sing and have hot cocoa!?

We were out cutting wood when it started, we stayed out until almost dark, we're renting a wood splitter this Thursday for Phil's day off and we'll do that all day. Fun fun.

Jenny said...

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas--vicariously while looking at your lovely tree, listening to Christmas music and being thankful to be in Phoenix where I won't have to shovel the stuff;-)
Snow is for kids and it looks like they enjoyed it--what a wonderful end to a lovely day.
Have to go get that CD and listen for you!