Thursday, May 18, 2006

In Mourning

My Mac died. Need I say more? I'm hoping it can be resurrected. If not, it's under warranty, and the tech guys promised me they'd get everything off my hard drive. Most of it's backed up, but certain things like my address book, bookmarks, and everything I've added since Mount Hermon (the last time I did a back up) is out of my hands right now. Not to mention my calendar and sticky notes. I have no idea if I'm supposed to be somewhere or doing something.

So, since I don't really want to recreate the last 4,000 words I wrote (even if they did totally suck) I'm wandering around the house feeling a little lost. In the nearly 20 years I've had Macs, I've never had this happen. I almost didn't get the extended warranty. Oh, I'm so glad I did.

My daughter was quite unhappy I took my old PC laptop back. It doesn't have wi-fi, so I'm tied to the office. And it's slow, and it has a tiny hard drive that's almost full.

Sigh. So I guess I'm on a writing break. I'll be doing crits and maybe some Maass exercises to jump start me back into the story when I get my computer back.

Of course, there's always painting.


Dineen A. Miller said...

Should we have a funeral? What kind of coffin would we use? I know! One of those goofy computer bags they give you at tech conferences. I think I have about a half dozen of them at last count. LOL! We can bury them all!

They'll fix it and then it will be called the Computer Resurrection! There ya go! No funeral. It will be stronger, faster. Better than we ever imagined. The Bionic Computer!

Can you tell my brain checked out? Must be on it's way to you. Sure wished it'd left a note. I hate it when it does that. ;-)

Jennifer Tiszai said...

LOL, Dineen! That's too funny. Oh I needed that laugh. I've been listening to depressing classical music all day. Not that classical is depressing; I love it. But I specifically found funeral music to play. How twisted is that?

Hey, maybe this Steve Austin/Jaime Sommers computer will write a book for me directly from my thoughts. It'll suggest plot twists, and depth and layers, and literary tropes. Hopefully it won't cost 6 million bucks.

Jeanne Damoff said...

Aw, Jen. I'm sorry. That's so not fun. I hope it all gets resolved quickly.

Meanwhile we have some rooms that could use a fresh coat . . .

Sabrina L. Fox said...

I can totally feel for you, Jen. Take some time to work on that TBR pile. Relax. Maybe God wants to give you a break. =)

Uh, wait...maybe before you take a break I'll email you my stuff. LOL.

michael snyder said...

Big ugly bummer! That happened to me right after I got my first mac and they couldn't recover a thing. All the techs who worked on it were baffled. And of course I hadn't backed anything up because it was a brand new computer. Like you, I lost thousands of words. I know in my heart they were horrible, but can't help romanticizing them into sheer brilliance that will never again see the light of a computer monitor.

Hope it gets fixed soon.

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Uh, Mike, you're supposed to make me feel better, not tell me horror stories of lost data.

Jen's Hubby said...

Yeah, yeah. Sure she's upset and sad at the same time, but you should see how cute her "pouty face" looks!

...and her Mac better get fixed soon. I'm having enough trouble trying to keep up with all of the paint schemes around the house. What's the difference between Pacific Panorama and Bayou Blue? What's next, Picadilly Pink? Noodle Navy? Tennessee Tan?

Phil said...

Hey Jen,
Your old iMac is available! I know it isn't the computer that this one was, but if you need it you are welcome to it! Almost everything you had on it is gone (erased), but it may get you through Mac withdrawl a little easier?

Jennifer Tiszai said...

As usual, I'm rollling my eyes at Peter. He's color blind anyway, so what does he care as long as I'm not making him paint?

And Phil, thanks for the offer. If the withdrawls get too bad I might take you up on it. That old iMac might not be any faster than this old PC, but it sure is way cuter.

Jenny said...

Hey! You've already got Mike and Peter doing the comment section. When did you snag MY husband? He'd better leave a comment on my blog! BTW, he added a DVD player to your old Mac, just in case you're interested.

And, the funeral dirges have to go. Way too over the top. I know you miss your Beloved, but inspite of what Mike says (and he really needs to work on that encouraging/uplifting thing) your Mac will be back in your hot little hands soon. It will happen, it will! (See Mike, THAT'S how you do encouragement!)

Abundant blessings!