Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm Happy!

I got my baby back today. A very long story, but let's just say the guys at the Apple Store rock. They restored my corrupted OS and my hard drive was perfectly fine.

And while I was waiting, I popped into the Ann Taylor Loft next door and found the perfect dress for the three occassions this summer where I need to wear a semi-formal dress. You can ask Peter, it is very rare for me to find anything I like without numerous trips to numerous stores with numerous complaints.

Overall, a stellar day.

I'm happy. :)


michael snyder said...

Congrats on the mac!

And that is just too weird about the dress. I found the perfect dress for me yesterday too. Goes great with my new bottle of Opi.

PS: What did Peter get? New cd? Bowl of pasta? Redeemable coupon for unlimited napping? A get-out-of-yard-word-free card?

Jennifer Tiszai said...

So, spill. What color is your dress/nail polish? Are you going to wear it to the ACFW awards dinner in Dallas? Did you get matching shoes?

Peter got the pleasure of driving me all over town and watching the kids while I dealt with the tech guys. Besides, he's been watching a lot of basketball. What else does he need? (Okay, I'm ducking)

Malia Spencer said...

Happy Day! The computer is fine and you found a dress? Too awesome. I'm happy for you. :)

Dineen A. Miller said...

Yay about the computer! Glad you got it back already. (No, not because you still have my proposal. LOL! You need to write! He he...)

Now you know you have to post a picture of this dress, preferably with you in it. Don't be shy now!

Peter said...

Yes, I must confess, my wife is truly happy (but that can change in a minute, especially with little Calvin running around!). The happiness about the PowerBook was somewhat short, but satisfying. The dress? To my surprise, while picking out a matching top, Jen asked me if the colors go together. That's like asking me to ride a unicycle while juggling flaming torches and singing "Ode to Joy" in German (with a Bavarian accent). Well, that happiness may last for a while, or until she completes her 3 "viewings" of said dress: (1) cousin's wedding, (2) my 20th class reunion (yes, I actually graduated from high school), (3) ACFW awards dinner in September.

I personally cannot wait to show off my wife in her new dress in front of all my old high school buddies/friends/ex's/etc. To which I will proudly announce that Jen is my Christian trophy-wife. Obviously to others, they will look at me and say "Good job Peter, you married up!" I will then turn to my wife and look up, literally (in heels, she's a tad taller than me). Coincidence? I don't think so.

Cousin's wedding? Well, just another opportunity for Jen to "flaunt" her style. (yes, that's a pretty big word for this non-writer).

The ACFW dinner will be without me, however. So I will neither "flaunt" nor be able to display my life trophy, so I will need you people to take over for me. Just handle with care.

...just bring her back when you're done with her. I love the way she looks in her new dress!

Peter said...


To answer your question of what I got:

- a peck on the cheek
- relief from cleaning up after my wife's painting exploits
- spending more time doing work around the house!

But, hey? Isn't the happiness of my wife the most important thing in the world? The reason for my existence? Why I breathe? Live? Survive? Wake up at 4am every morning?

Suns in 7 games. Pistons in 6. Pistons in 5 in the final. (and Peter is "up" at 4 in the morning).

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Dineen, my modeling days are long over. You'll just have to see me in person.

Peter can juggle and speak German. Never have seen him ride a unicycle though. I don't know what I was thinking asking him if something matched. Obviously tired or dilerious from getting my computer back.

And two posts? Who knew he could be so chatty? However, he DID NOT clean up after my painting. But he got the part about my happiness being the very reason for his existence. :)

Camy Tang said...

Wow, you have a sweetie for a hubby. He's much more chatty than mine.

I LOVE getting the perfect dress. That can make me happy for MONTHS (hear that, Peter? MONTHS! Think positive!).


Phil said...

Peter: "But, hey? Isn't the happiness of my wife the most important thing in the world? The reason for my existence? Why I breathe? Live? Survive? Wake up at 4am every morning?"

Hey ... don't expose all of our secrets!!!

Peter said...


Whatever happened to a dozen roses every few months? Its a lot cheaper. By the way, did Jen tell you that (SURPRISE!) she has no shoes to match her dress? AND, AND she needs to find a "matching" set of earrings. UGH!

But then there's this reality: a happy wife = a happy life.

Peter said...


Its no real secret. Besides, I used to play a lot of tennis. I am used to "serving"! ;-)

However, if I keep this up, I may have to find a 3rd job. But, hey, she's worth it!

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Jen, do something fast!!! Your blog is being overtaken by the male species. Gasp.

Twelve posts...6 of them are from THEM.

Phil said...

We may not say much, but it seems everyone "listens"!

Malia Spencer said...

Jen you seriously need to moderate comments on this blog like...Phil! LOL

Things don't make it on there that he doesn't approve of. But then again there seems to be a lot more traffic on your blog, probably because you update more often. Although to be honest I'm surprised Mike, Peter and Phil have been making appearances with the NBA finals going on. :)

Can't wait to see what the next topic of the week is going to be.