Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday March Madness, part 1

What is it with March’s association with madness? NCAA basketball has March Madness. There’s the saying, “As mad as a March hare.” Maybe it’s a prelude to spring fever?

Whatever the reason, it’s infected me. I have become mad enough to create something called Monday March Madness on this blog by allowing Peter to post on here each Monday in March. The madness part is my even thinking this was a good idea.

So with great fear and trembling, here is Peter’s first post.

Thanks to my wife for “allowing” me to present my first official blog in cyberspace (big applause). Now, why would you waste your precious time to read a blog from a no-name non-writer?

Well, it's about my 4 year old son. We decided to forget the cooking for one night and go out to eat at Applebees. Why Applebees? Because it’s about a 90 second drive from our home! Anyways, I don’t know if you have an Applebees that you frequent, but the one we go to is quite cramped. The booths and tables are in close proximity to each other. We were unable to get a booth (for you parents out there, you know how important getting a booth is!), so we settled for a table. Unfortunately, my son had access to a very busy aisle of customers, hostesses and waiters/waitresses running by our table.

What do I mean by access? Well, a young hostess was seating customers at the booth next to our table. Remember the close proximity thing? The hostess was backing up to let her customers sit down, and let’s just say that the hostess’ rear end was within arm’s reach of my son, and right at eye level.

My son was playing with his little stuffed dino. Unfortunately, he couldn’t help himself, and did what any 4 year old boy with a stuffed dino would do. He introduced the dino to the hostesses. That’s right: he shook her booty with his dino!

I will not comment as to the attractiveness level of said hostess rear end, but she must have known who “reached out to touch her”, because she turned around with a smile. Unfortunately, I think she was looking at me first! Hey! Just what kind of a guy do you think I am anyways?

All in all, nothing bad happened, except that my son is well on his way to being a teenager. And I have no idea where he got the idea to do this!


Jennifer Tiszai said...

I'm regretting this already. BTW, I think it was a stuffed iguana, not a dinosaur. Also, Peter forgot to mention he turned just a little red when the hostess looked at him. For my part, I was trying to not let our son see me laughing hysterically. He would have gotten the wrong idea.

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Oh, I forgot! Completely unrelated to this post, but ... at Ulta, the local beauty megamart, they had OPI nail polish on sale this weekend. Guess what color I got? Chick Flick Cherry. It's on my toes even as we, uh, read. Just hope no psycho people come after me with a tire iron.

Jennifer Tiszai said...

And if that last comment made no sense to you, click here.

Good grief, I've left three comments in a row on my own blog. Well, it is Peter's post. Okay, I've got to get back to writing.

Malia Spencer said...

LOL! Oh no, little Calvin is what, about 7 years ahead of his time? Not too bad. My sister announced at the same age she was an adult and "furisticated" because she got to wear nail polish and striped, long sleeve shirts to school.

Jen, now you have to take a picture of the toes and post it. I'm curious to see what Chick Flick Cherry looks like. I have a hilarious story to e-mail to the girls later. I think you folks will enjoy it.

Good luck with little Calvin. I think you're going to need it. ;)

Malia Spencer said...

P.S. Good blog post Peter. I'll look forward to next Monday. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it so much you'll get one of your own.

Now there's a happy thought! Yes, Jen, I'll shut up and stop encouraging him, but if he had one of his own he and Mike may not hijack your blog so often. What do you think?

michael snyder said...

That's exactly why we don't go to Applebee's!

Great post, Peter. Glad to see you've graduated from hijacking comment boards to commandeering the whole blog. You are definitely THE Man, an inspiration to us all.

What I'm looking forward to is the Monday after Mt. Hermon when you detail your temporary bachelor-hood--using the same coffee cup all week, traipsing around in your underwear, having Papa John's every night, etc. Kind makes me jealous just thinking about it.

Dineen A. Miller said...

Ewww! I agree. Take a picture of your toes and post it. Come on, please? Let's see this Chick Flick Cherry! LOL! And hubby did a good job. Funny post. Can't wait to meet you at Mt. Hermon, Jen. Should be a blast!

Peter said...

Temporary bachelor-hood? Hummm. Never thought of it that way... but I'll take your advice into serious consideration! I was more thinking of playing golf every day, renting movies while eating Taco Bell at night, but I'll add "traipsing around in (my) underwear" as well. On second thought, I better not. Tis the season to sell girl scout cookies. And woe to the Mormon missionaries who will knock on my door... on a side note, why do the missionaries have the word "elder" on their name tag when they look barely 18?

I already use the same coffee cup all week. Actually, my wife and kids made me these really cute coffee cups 2 years ago, with their own colors and "I Love Daddy" on em'. But since I used them so much, they both have developed cracks in them, so now we use em' as pen holders.

Peter said...

Trouble in the Sonoran Saga world of intellectual blogs. I got cudos from Malia, Mike and Dineen. As misplaced as their props may be, I am so inspired to write another blog, that I can't wait til next Monday!

Don't worry - if I run out of any ideas, I'll just take my son to the mall and document all he does and says!

Jennifer Tiszai said...

I am so NOT posting a picture of my toes. Dineen, you can see them at Mt. Hermon :) For the rest of you, check this out. Though the picture doesn't do it justice. It's more of a dark red than pink.

And, Malia, shhh! Peter (and Mike and "Calvin") are the only reasons people visit my blog. If he had his own blog and didn't try to hijack this one, no one would visit me. And I would be sad. You wouldn't want that. :(