Saturday, March 11, 2006


After 143 dry days, it's been raining since about 3 AM. A good soaking rain sure to cause a lot of rejoicing and a lot of accidents. We already lost power once.

Peter's happy. He gets out of yardwork today.

It's cold! 41 degrees and they're getting snow in the foothills to the north of us, about a foot.


Malia Spencer said...

Yahoo! All right. I'm sure Peter's not the only one happy to get out of yardwork, right Jen?

What does that mean y'all are going to do instead? Peter gets to watch the kids while you write, perhaps? Or family movie day? The possibilities are endless. And I'm sure maybe something that happens will find it's way into your blog eventually. ;)

Michelle said...

Down here in the southern-most part of Arizona the wind is whipping so hard I'm scared to go outside. Sheesh!

michael snyder said...

Cool, enjoy it.

Jenny said...

I love it, I love it!
Rain, rain, come and play!
Go away another day!

Okay, if I remember correctly I already stated I am NOT a poet.

I'm so excited to see the rain--kind like happy tears falling from the sky.

I love it!!! Listen! Can you hear Neil Sedaka singing? Ooo I hear laughter in the rain--all over Phoenix!

Abundant blessings!

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Unfortunately, I had to be out in the rain. Twice. And I had already turned off the gas to the fireplace for the season. So I was cold all day.

And thanks, Jenny. You're getting to be right up there with Mike for leaving bad song lyrics in my head all day. Is there anything more lame than "Oh how I love the rainy days and the happy way I feel inside"? Mr. Sedaka might have had some of that toad venom for those happy ways.