Monday, January 09, 2006

Round Robin Story Part 8

I'm sure you all were just dying to read this latest installment over the weekend. Sure you were. Well, here it is. As a reminder, you can find Part One and Four here, Part Two and Six at Malia's blog, Part Three at Sabrina's blog, Part Five at Mike's blog, and Part Seven at Jenny's blog.

By the way, we still need a title. Any ideas?

Part 8

Kyle hung up the phone and pushed out of his office chair. Russell Fink and Ryan Taylor both were waiting for him up front. He’d asked them to come in today to go over their statements, but he hadn’t expected them at the same time. Russell was obviously taken with Sarah, which Kyle could tell really torqued off Ryan. Of course Ryan thought at least half the women he met harbored romantic fantasies about him. And probably a few of the men.

When Kyle walked out, Russell and Ryan were sizing each other up across the room. “Hey guys, thanks for coming in. I didn’t expect both of you at the same time.”

Ryan lifted his chin. “I was here first. Plus, I’ve got rehearsal in an hour.”

Nice. Ryan was already getting territorial. The guy had a great singing voice but a lousy personality.

“Okay, Ryan—” Kyle’s phone rang. He unclipped it and looked at the display then answered it. This should be interesting. “Hi Sarah—”

“Kyle! Help me. This woman just killed Lynne and I don’t know if she’s chasing me or not—”

“Where are you?” Kyle waved to get the attention of the officer at the desk. “Call dispatch.”

She rattled off the name of a salon and the street she was running up. Kyle gave it to the officer who relayed it to dispatch. “Sarah, officers are on their way, and I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“I’m going.” Ryan headed toward the door.

Russell was right behind him. “Me too.”

Kyle stepped in front of Ryan, blocking his path. "You're both idiots, you know that? This is police business and I don't have time to argue. Stay here." He yanked the door open and strode out—almost tripping over that basset hound that went everywhere with Russell—knowing that was the last thing they would do.


Ryan was torqued. Kyle knew how he felt about Sarah. How could Kyle think he could just stay here and wait for news? Well, he wasn’t going to.

But what about this Russell guy? He wasn’t sure what was going on with him and Sarah, but he was just visiting. Ryan lived here. He just had to bide his time. He could afford to be generous. “I know where Sarah’s at.”

Russell stared at him for a beat. “I thought you had rehearsal in an hour.”

“Want a ride or not?”

“Let’s go.”


Kyle had put Sarah in the front seat of his unmarked unit. She’d already given her statement to the officers who had first arrived on scene. Right now, Kyle just wanted to make sure she was okay. Her hands still shook, the only indication that she was still suffering from her ordeal. She finally clasped them tightly in her lap.

He stared at her hands a moment before it finally dawned on him. He’d have to make sure, but it looked like Sarah might be just what they needed to break this case open. From what they’d been able to piece together, the nail salon was some sort of communication center for the drug ring Chas Akana’s sister had gotten involved with. The proper combination of color and nail d├ęcor acted as a password.

And from what he could tell, Sarah was wearing that password on her fingers.

Sarah let out a sigh. The color had returned to her face.

“You doing okay?” Kyle had to ask. If she wasn’t then there was no point in going to the next step.

She nodded. “I think so. A little shaken, but okay.”

“Good. How’d you like to be a decoy?”


Sabrina L. Fox said...

Good job, Jen. So, uh...who's next? Malia, Mike? I know people are reading this. They are reading this right?? Come on, some new blood would be great. Ha, new blood. I think we have enough of the blood stuff going on actually.

Jenny said...

It is definitely your turn. You did great, girl! Give it a go. You can do it.
Abundant blessings!

Malia Spencer said...

Great job Jen! I know who's posting tomorrow. THEN it's your turn Sabrina.

Paula said...

That's a cool idea. We tried to get a story going on the Rcky MT ACFW loop, but it didn't get too far.

I always really appreciate your comments on Gracereign. Thanks so much for dropping by and encouraging me!

Malia Spencer said...

Okay, part 9 can be found at Jenny's blog

michael snyder said...

Is it OPI? Is it OPI?