Saturday, January 28, 2006

102 and Counting

Don’t know if any of you actually care (well, Jenny might), but Arizona has hit a rather dubious record. 102 days without rain. It’s the longest dry spell since someone began keeping records. Between the construction, farmers plowing, and the fact that the desert is just generally dusty, the air has a continual brown tint to it, and the air quality has been less than ideal. To the point that I no longer run in the mornings, only walk. Since it’s supposed to hit near 80 by next week I don’t think we’ll be seeing any improvement anytime soon.

So, anyone want to come swim in our subdivision’s heated pool? Expect to see a post or two from poolside next week. I know, gotta get the perks in now before I start complaining about the heat come July. Or, more likely, May.


michael snyder said...


(Or is this where we're all supposed to say, "But it's a dry heat!)?

Jenny said...

Dry heat? So's an oven! Trust me!
But I heard the record for no rain in the states goes to Bagdad, CA. Over 700 days without detectable precipatation.
Yep, I'm just a fount of knowledge!
Don't even want to think about anything after Spring Break--too hot! And when Jen's complaining, trust me, she has the right. Our 2 weeks of "winter" weather just doesn't last but it's spring here usually from February on to early May so I agree, the perks are nice when we have them.

Just another Arizonian.
Abundant blessings!

Dineen A. Miller said...

Hope you guys get rain soon! Wow, that's a stretch. Enjoy that pool! I'm green...

Dineen, who's slightly chilled in CA.

Corina Bowen said...

And here I was going to complain about the hail we had this weekend!!~~ Just another Ohio winter!... Actually this winter has been tame compaired to all the snow storms we had last year!! We are not done yet though, its been known to snow at Easter.
Me, I am ready for warmth!!