Friday, April 15, 2011

Soul Surfer. Beach flick or substance?

I took my kids to see Soul Surfer this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised. I always wonder if the movies (or any creative art form for that matter) can express people's faith in an honest and authentic manner. In this case they did a fair job. And with an all-star cast.

I took my 9 year old son and my 13 year old daughter and her friend. The girls loved it and it was perfectly positioned for their age group. My son was a little bored, but the surfing intrigued him. I was concerned that the shark scene might be too traumatic. It wasn't, and was quite well done.

You can watch a few clips of the movie and read an interview with Bethany Hamilton, who the story is about, here at NPR.

Christianity Today reviews the movie here.


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