Friday, July 09, 2010

Cool Protection for Phones and Gadgets

As I've mentioned before, I dabble in photography. While I was taking an online photography class at Creative Techs (go check them out if you like awesome classes on technology and creative stuff) the host, John Greengo, was talking about camera equipment and protecting the display on your digital camera. He mentioned a company called Zagg.

Cool, I thought and hopped over to check them out. They make something called
invisibleSHIELD. According to their site you can take a Dremel tool to it and it won't scratch through. I was really impressed, not just with getting a protective screen for my camera, but also one for my phone. And best of all (to me!) you could create your own skin for your phone. You can also make one for your iPad if you are so lucky as to own one of those creatures.

As you can see, I made one of my darling (most of the time) children for my iPhone.

This is the back of my iPhone. You can see the camera eye in the upper right corner. I was really impressed with the price and the quality of the product and it was easy to install. You can upload your own image (I'm thinking a business card or logo or book cover would be great) or use one of their many designs.

And I know I sound like a commercial. And yes, I became an affiliate for
invisibleSHIELD so if you click on the link and end up buying something I'll get a commission. But I did it because I think it's a great product. You can go to their site directly,, and avoid my affiliate link if you'd like, but go check out their products. You'll be glad you did.

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