Saturday, August 08, 2009

Terrific Advice for Small Businesses

One of the things I'm passionate about is helping small business owners succeed. For me that means helping with web design, advertising, marketing support--things most small businesses can't afford to do in-house--and overall consulting on how to make things work. Not only do I have a degree, I read voraciously, and I love to assimilate and pass this information on to others.

And here's a piece of information I'm passing on. Check out this episode of the Dave Ramsey Show on the Fox Business Network on Small Businesses.

In it is a terrific interview with Jim Collins, author of the must-read book Good to Great and a whole bunch of great advice. Worth your time.


heather said...

Thanks for the link. Chris loves Collins and Ramsey, and this might have some good advice for Solomon Summaries.
Heard you and Jenny will be rooming together at ACFW this year. I know you guys will have fun!

Anonymous said...

I will read this book ASAP because there is hell of competition around us and we will conquer It.
Small Business Advise