Thursday, July 02, 2009

Guess what I just found?

Those of you who are more in the know about these things than I am have probably already discovered this, but I thought it was kinda cool.

I was messing around on and found their section on movie trailers. When I saw this:

It only happens to be one of my favorite books made into a movie and coming in August.

I have mixed feelings. Not that they will stop me from seeing this movie, but movies and books are different genres and sometimes good books make bad movies. And that's disappointing. But this trailer looks like it's captured the essence of the book. It'll be interesting to see.

Any books that you loved as a movie? Or hated?


Jenny said...

Great question. I think the only movie I liked better than the book was Forrest Gump--was better than the book. The most recent Narnia movies were pretty careful to remain true to the books, from what I could tell. Tom Clancy books just don't translate to the big screen since so many nuances won't translate. However, the that said, books like Centennial and The Thorn Birds made wonderful mini-series. I knew Richard Chamberlain should play
Father Ralph even before the movie was cast. Always liked Richard Chamberlain:-)

Robin Shope said...

I want to see this movie.