Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Laughter as Carbonated Holiness

That line comes from this Christianity Today article. It also contains this gem:
...laughter is the Elmer's Glue that attaches us to the goodness that inhabits this world, and to the gladness that hints at the world to come.

I found the article particularly timely after one of my favorite young people said last night, "Jennifer loves to laugh." Yeah, I do. And I have a lot to laugh about, thank You, Jesus.

Anything made you laugh lately? Share, because you can never have too much laughter.


heather said...

What makes me laugh?
Eating a strawberry from my strawberry plant
The story of the disciples in the boat after Jesus fed the 5,000--Jesus talked about watching out for the yeast of the Pharisees or something to that effect, and the disciples whisper among themselves, "He's just cranky 'cause we forgot to pack bread."
Barbara Nicolosi at this art and theology conference talking about artists (we really are funny beings)--specifically talking about the more beautiful our work gets, the uglier we get and wondering if we're crazy because we see things that others don't or if others are crazy because they don't see things that are there and making it clear that there are 2 kinds of people in the world--people who are artists and people who are supposed to support them (amen!).
My niece with her clothing on her head that was not meant to be on her head and saying (with fist raised, of course), "I'm Captain Underpants!"
my writing (what can I say?)

Elaina M. Avalos said...

I love that quote! What makes me laugh? Seeing the kids today at work today. We had a couple of events for kids this weekend. One was an overnight camp for children with various disabilities and the other was more of a marketing event for a big shin dig we're having next weekend to celebrate the "Month of the Military Child." Both work events today gave me tons of opportunities to laugh. Whether it was the kids at the camp, dancing and laughing or the little guy at the other event who, when offered one balloon, reached for a fistful instead. It was too cute to see this little guy, all of two, reach for more balloons than he could handle. Kids make me laugh. The two dogs (and their five puppies) that I'm dog sitting. They're hilarious. My famiy makes me laugh. I have a few friends that make it impossible not to laugh with them. Laughter is therapy.