Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I'm sorta done tackling the flu, though I have that lingering, nagging cough that I would be so happy to be done with.

Today I'm going to be out of the house running errands that have been piling up: getting dog food (the dog has to have special prescription food because he's allergic to everything else--he's so high maintenance), having lunch with a friend, getting the car inspected, shipping stuff off to sell on eBay, and going grocery shopping.

Makes me tired just thinking about it! But I know I'll be so glad when it's done. And the kids can stop whining that there's nothing to eat :)


forgetfulone said...

Glad your flu is about over. Good luck tackling your errands! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

We are THAT family said...

When your a mom and sick, everything still needs to be tackled and it's hard! Have a great TT.

Ashley said...

Glad you're feeling better. No fun to be sick with tackles that continue to build! Happy TT!

Christin said...

Thanks for stopping by my homeschool blog!(I actually have two blogs, and this link will take you to my other one) ;) I think sometimes we just forget how important it is to spend time with our children and need to be reminded - I know I do! :) That's why I decided to add it to my list.
Glad you are getting over the flu - boy that is no fun. Have a great week! :)

Marcia said...

Wonderful tackle, Jennifer. It does feel good to get things off that to-do list :)

I’m so glad you came to visit and liked the content.

Marcia, organising queen