Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sick of These Yet?

These are two examples of fields near my home. The first is an alfalfa field recently harvested. I love how the hay bales look like green Legos in a row.

I'm not sure what this field is going to be. It looks like either cotton or potatoes. But I love the geometric lines of the furrows accented by the afternoon light.

These are bougainvillea (foreground) and lantana (purple flowers in background) in my front yard. They looked like little brown sticks two months ago. As Mediterranean plants, they didn't do well in the frost. But they've come back nicely with some pruning.

Now, make sure you come back tomorrow for the big announcement. There might even be a little contest or something involved.


Michelle Pendergrass said...

Ha! Would you believe I have a strange fascination with fields? Did you see the huge round bales they do out here?

Love the pictures!

Heather said...

Um, before reading the description of first one, I thought it was cemetery. I love cemeteries.

Elaina said...

Nice pics, Jen!!!