Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Day to Remember

My daughter got baptized last Sunday. It was the day before my birthday and one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. She provided us previously with another great gift by being born nearly two weeks early (probably moving two days before had something to do with it), arriving two days before Christmas. We took her home from the hospital on Christmas Day.

In typical Arizona style, the weather interfered. We were hit by a dust storm that afternoon, so after some last-minute scrambling by our awesome church staff, she ended up getting baptized in an inflatable pool filled by a fire truck on the back lawn of the church at 8:30 at night under construction lights. Her Sunday school teachers prayed over her and baptized her.

Nothing made me prouder than when she confidently told the crowd she wanted to follow Jesus for the rest of her life.

It was memorable.


On a completely unrelated note, Brandilyn Collin's Kanner Lake blog goes live July 5 to promote her new book series. Mike Snyder and I are partnering as one of the writers for the Leslie Brymes character. Dineen Miller, Sabrina Fox, and Chris Mikesell also have roles writing for characters. Should be a lot of fun


Malia Spencer said...

Aww, good for her! I'm glad it worked out. Didn't know the Christmas baby story, that's really cool.

And I'm super excited to see what you guys come up with for Scenes and Beans. I already linked to it on my blog. Can't wait to start reading!

Dineen A. Miller said...

Wow, how wonderful, Jen. That's so special. We must have girls with close birthdays. Both mine are December babies.

Congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Sabrina L. Fox said...

What a special moment. I keep making Tanner wait a while. I feel he's still a little young and I want him to remember it and see it for what it is. Since your daughter is a little older than he is I'm thinking a year or two more.

And on the Scenes and Beans thing, I'm so excited. I need to put my link up on my blog. Can't wait to see how it goes. And just to learn from Brandilyn...what a privilege.

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Yeah, I'm excited about the Scenes and Beans blog. It'll be interesting to see how soon we'll have to write new posts.

They finally had a children's baptism prep class at church which I thought was great for the kids to understand what they were doing.

I finally celebrated my birthday yesterday by going shopping with my birthday money. You should see the books I got. And some cute clothes.

Oh, and I now have Sun-body Loves Me on my nails and toes by OPI, courtesy of my mom. Very summery.

Jeanne Damoff said...

Lovely news about your daughter. :)

I have OPI's You're Such a Kabookie Queen on my toes. (Not sure I spelled that right and too lazy to walk to the other end of the house and check.) I have no doubt the sight of my perky toes brightens the days of everyone I meet and helps them maintain a positive attitude throught the day. Nothing like nail polish to solve all the world's problems.

(Just thought a little hyperbole might stir the sleeping testosterone.)

michael snyder said...

I borrowed some "Fungus Among Us" from Peter. Next month Opey comes out with "Wart Stank" and "Ingroan (with a spiritual applicator included)."

Can't wait. Hugs to everybody. me, K?

GeorgianaD said...

Congratulations for your daughter! What an awesome feeling to see your children submitting to God and walking with Him. What church do you go to downt there?

Mirtika said...

I don't have a daughter--my loss, for sure--but I agree. The day she publicly confessed Christ would be a huge, big, amazing deal. And I'd plotz with happiness.


BTW,you and my hubby have the same birthday, June 26. Belated felicitations.


Jeanne Damoff said...

High fives, Snyder. And 50 points. Rock.

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Jeanne, I think happy toes make for happy people, so world peace can't be far behind, right? Unless of course Mike and Peter's line takes off. You know, those sound like they'd fit into Urban Decay's nail polish line. So, you guys going to try to match colors, or what?

Georgiana, we go to Sun Valley Community Church.

Mir, that's very cool. Your husband and I have one of the best birthday dates because it's almost exactly 6 months away from Christmas. I like getting the presents spread out evenly across the year. :) I've only met one other person with that birthdate.

And, it looks like I'm headed back to The OC this week (nobody there calls it that). I'm in beach withdrawls. I'll keep you posted.

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Mike said:
Can't wait. Hugs to everybody. me, K?

ROTFL...He makes me laugh. His poor, poor wife.

Jennifer Tiszai said...

You know, I think Mike is trying to get into Leslie's character for the Scenes and Beans blog. He's letting his inner Barbie out.

Mirtika said...

Well, I have a friend of 10 years who just graduated the FBI academy (she's incredibly lovely and smart AND she's tough and can shoot now, how fair is that?). Her birthday is also June 26.

It's a day for exceptional folks to be born, looks like. :D


Jennifer Tiszai said...

Wow, Mir, she sounds really cool! Especially since we share the same birthday. I came really, really close to joining the FBI out of college but I couldn't get over what a HUGE pay cut I'd have to take versus the other companies that wanted to hire me. Now, I know I would have probably had more fun than the underwriting job I took.

Of course, as a writer, I can have my characters be whoever I want. Kinda live vicariously through them.

Chris said...

Congrats on the happy day. My Phil's birthday is June 28 and I'm the Christmas baby (20th). I agree that a mid-year birthday is a better deal, but maybe that's because I have a few cheapskates in my family, doubling up on my birthday/Christmas gift (not that I'm bitter).

Looking forward to grousing at you on the Scenes & Beans whatchamahoochie (as Wilbur might say).

Mike, don't bogart the "Harold and Mauve," huh? And you've got to check out the Flowbee for Pits. Mark had one at Linfield yesterday. To die for.

Jenny said...

Well my youngest (who is no longer a teenager as of a week and a half ago--whoohoo!) missed your birthdate by less than 2 hours--does that count? She figures that makes Christmas her half birthday so she should get extra gifts. (like that happens)
Still wearing Do You Lilac It by OPI on my toes but ready for a dramatic change. Maybe I should check into some of your colors, Mike? NOT!
And to the shorter of the TIszai ladies, congratulations! Miss Jenny is so happy for you and proud to see that wonderful and tender spirit blooming in you. Abundant blessings to you and your family.

GeorgianaD said...

It looks like a great church that you go to. I tried out so many churches when we lived down there I just wondered...but no, I've never been there.

CHickey said...

Super special story. Wanna hear a miracle? Several of our children were getting baptized at the same time my husband and I were rededicating our lives to the Lord. When we got to the pool, I was devastated to realize I'd forgotten to put in my contacts. I said, Lord, please...I want to see my kids baptized. Well, I had perfect vision while in the pool and once I got out, had to put my glasses back on! What a gift!