Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Check This Out

I'm slowly recovering from Mount Hermon and my mad dash between California and Arizona. I'm now in the proud possession of an antique upright grand piano. Just have to get the spiders and other creepy crawlers to move out.

I'm guest blogging on Tricia Goyer's site tomorrow, Generation NeXt Parenting. Go check it out even if the story might be familiar to some of you. She's the author of Dawn of a Thousand Nights by Moody among other things. If you like World War II books, this is one to read.

Also, Dineen Miller is blogging about her experiences at Mount Hermon . . . and threatening to beat me up. So what if she's taller than me? I can take her. I have a lot of experience wrestling Calvin. Should make Dallas interesting, though.

Have a great week. It's 85 degrees here and we're going to a Diamondbacks game tonight. They always win when we go, so we'll see. They're up against Barry Bonds. We'll boo.


Jeanne Damoff said...

I have an antique upright grand piano. Still has all its original ivories. I LOVE it. What brand is yours?

Jenny said...

My technique is rusty but do I get to tickle the ivories next time I'm over? I play a mean Unchained Melody. (My piano instructor is rolling in his grave about now.)

Abundant blessings!

Jennifer Tiszai said...

It's a Janssen. I have no idea what that means or anything. It has all but five ivories, which I remember my middle brother prying off because he liked the popping sound. I thought my mom was going to kill him. She had them in her jewelry box for a long time, so I should probably see if she still has them.

And yes, Jenny, you can play when you come over. :)

Jenny said...

Whoo hoo! Make sure your earplugs are where you can find them fast--forewarned is forearmed (or something like that).

Abundant blessings!