Friday, December 30, 2005


In case you actually read the comments on this blog and don't understand half of them, you have to go to Mike Snyder's blog to get the other part of the story. No guarantee that you'll actually understand then, either, but at least you'll get a bigger picture.

And on to the big news, crit partner and good friend Jenny Cary has finished the rewrite of The Patriarch, the first book in a series on the Crockett family. Great job, Jenny! I'm proud of you!


Jenny said...

Girl you are the best! Thank you. I could not have done it without your encouragement. You are a true friend.
Luv ya, Kiddo!
Abundant blessings!

michael snyder said...

Hooray for you, Jenny. Congratulations. What a cool way to end one year and bring in another.

Remember us all when you're famous...


Jenny said...

From what I hear, Mike, you will probably beat us all to that famous thing. But thanks. Appreciate the kind words.
Abundant blessings!